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Our vision

Tocxic instruments introduced in 2015 plucked string instruments market of new innovative electric guitars. Our guitars are distinguished by their committed and radical style, their ergonomics and their ease of use and their offset sound characteristics.

At Tocxic we have a motto,

"Anti-conformism, we always did it like that"

We have always liked to question the traditional, the established order and take the opposite view of certain ideas. This need to think differently is now in our genes and is expressed in each of our actions. Since 2013 we have been thinking about what we can change in the world of musical instruments. Paradoxically, it is a world which, according to us, has not been shaken enough lately. After a crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, we are introducing some products through this brand Tocxic Instruments.

We are recognized by a radical and committed style, ergonomics and ease of use and work on different sounds

Since 2015 have appeared: The Alteratio, the Kraken, as well as a full range of instruments.

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