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- June 2016

For Tocxic, June will be full of events ...

We will present the first two Alteratio ever made. These guitars being the first, they required a fairly long time of design and production. Due to the technical constraints of this concept, we had to review the brake mechanisms and the locations of each function. In addition this guitar being modular by its aspect of personalization (interchangeable horns), we had to work on the geometry and the quality of realization in order to guarantee its look and its robustness.

It would have taken us 5 months of design and more than 70 days of manufacturing to achieve this result. We think it lives up to our ambition !!

It will be time to deliver these guitars to their buyers so that they give us their first impressions and also hear these instruments roar. For this we will make an evening in Paris, but for the moment, we do not tell you more.

G. Letocart

Founder Tocxic Instruments

It is a meeting in 2006 in New York, of the boss of Musicman who is at the origin of this adventure.

This meeting of more than an hour to discuss anecdotes on VanHalen, DiMarzio and the brand's new creations with guitars in hand was an unforgettable and motivating moment for what was to become Tocxic Instrument. Stirling Ball is without a doubt the most charismatic boss I have ever met. His passion, his knowledge of the instrument are undoubtedly contagious!

Here we are in 2015, Tocxic embarks on the creation of innovative musical instruments such as the Axioma and Alteratio guitars. The birth of the first prototype was long since it required 650 hours of work to make reliable, build and test our instrument

to date, we are finalizing studies for the Alteratio which has offered us good design challenges and the first guitars will be produced in a few months. We have a lot of ideas in mind, on paper and it is to share this with you that we are leaving this website dedicated to the brand. Discover our universe and do not hesitate to contact us for any question, remark or comment

G. Letocart

Founder Tocxic Instruments

- October 2015

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