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Those without whom nothing would have been possible

Those without whom nothing would have been possible

The team in a few words

Take music enthusiasts ready to shake up the world of instruments, add to this a fierce desire to offer musical instruments with different looks and sounds. You get instruments to live at high volume and without moderation.

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Dagorne Cyrille - Poppi Taz Fred - Chateigner Gildas - Dufossé Stéphane - Pabion Samuel - Caron Vincent - Eteve Thomas- Lemontey Claire - Paniño Riri - Martz Philippe - Lanne Rémi - Eude Elisabeth - Martin Edouard  - Garnier Anthony - Lécuyer Pascal - Sonneville Olivier - Dubreuil Sebastien - Villemin ken - Letocart Noam - Hugot Sébastien - Sibillini Eric - Lemontey Philippe - Marguerie Philippe - Paty fred - Anita Geyer - Pouzot Christophe - Morel Guillon Véronique - Dagorne Daniel - Serriere Frank - Colmard Olivier

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